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If you have ever noticed the packaging, you must have surely wondered that why people use corrugated boxes for packaging their products. Almost every industry uses them for packing their goods. But what makes them such a favorite? Why are they used by all the industries extensively from last so many years?

This post brings to you the advantages of using corrugated cardboard boxes which will give you an insight into the benefits of these packaging boxes.

1. Keep Goods Safe

All the goods packed in corrugated cardboard boxes are safe as compared with other packing materials. You don’t have to worry about sending your goods to the farthest distance as they are packed in corrugated boxes. This also helps in increasing the durability of your goods. Due to the presence of fluted lining made with soft medium like a soft paper which is sandwiched between two layers of hard paper, these boxes offer protection against shock which increases your product’s safety.

2. Resistant to Tears and Dents

These boxes are rigid because of which they are very much resistant to dents and tears. They don’t get affected easily of mishandling. So when your goods have to transported across different stations, this keeps them completely protected and resistant to different kinds of pressures. The chances of your product getting damaged are relatively much lower in these boxes due to their strength and making. You can have your goods transported to any distance because of the strength of the packaging material.

3. Easy to Store

Because of the strength of these corrugated cardboard boxes, they are very comfortable to store. They can easily be stacked above one another which also means that they do not consume much of your floor space which is an added benefit. This is the reason that all warehouses, factories and even shops store their inventory in these corrugated boxes as they are much easier to store things of all kinds and types.

4. Recyclable

Another added advantage of corrugated boxes is that they are completely recyclable. They are made with 100% reusable material which makes them all the more favorite with all the industries. This way we are able to save the environment by using boxes that are recyclable and reusable. This saves trees from being cut. This is surely one of the best choices for all the countries as we are striving for an eco-friendly setup. This way you can actually make your organization a responsible and eco-friendly company.

5. Saves Money

Because these boxes are highly durable and easy to recycle, they help you save lots of money. You can use them for longer because of which you don’t need to buy them often because of which you are able to save on your money. If you are in need of a new packaging material then you can have the old one transformed into the new one which again saves your money.

6. Variable Products Storage

You can use these boxes to store almost anything and everything as they are so comfortable that you don’t find any hindrance in storing goods of your choices. With so many sizes, you can easily have them custom made as per your need and enjoy easy storage and packaging for your products. This is another reason because of which they have become such a popular choice.

Having a look at all these benefits of corrugated boxes surely enlightens you with advantages of using this wonderful packaging material which keeps your good safe.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Most of the people I know of loves to eat popcorn especially when we are watching our favourite movies, sports games, or just hanging our in our patio and chatting. Popcorn are really delicious since it's really and ideal snacks to eat during your pastime. But of course, when we eat popcorn we should have those popcorn containers which are specially made for these. But there are different style and type of popcorn containers that you can have. Here are some of those that could have.

Popcorn boxes: I will assume that you are familiar with this type of popcorn storage especially if you are fond of watching movie at movie theaters. When you try to buy popcorn from the snack area, they will give you popcorn places in a popcorn boxes. These are printed popcorn boxes and they are disposable. You can throw in the trashcan after using it. You could also have this at home if you don't like washing popcorn containers.

Popcorn Cups: This is another type of popcorn storage that is more durable compared to popcorn cups. This are made of high quality cardboard that could last for long time. This is washable and you can reuse them after using it. You could this at any home store or online. These types of cups come in different style, designs, and sizes. Only choose those that you want and need. For sure, you will enjoy your eating popcorn if they are place in a printed popcorn cups.
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Saturday, 17 August 2013

In the India there is huge demand for corrugated cartons. These prefabricated boxes are industrially manufactured and are available in different sizes and shapes. Basically, there are two types of boxes single wall and double wall. The single wall cartons are much cheaper than double wall carton because of their simple design.

Two flat sheets are used for manufacturing single corrugated boxes with an additional sheet running through the middle of the two flat sheets at a repeating angle. The layer running through the middle is responsible for making the carton strong enough for carrying heavy weights.

The Double Wall Corrugated Cartons are manufactured using three flat cardboard sheets. Additional sheets are set between the three sheets at an angle. These types of cartons are more expensive because of their complex design and the fact that more cardboard is used to manufacture them. They offer more durability and protection than single wall cartons and are commonly used for carrying heavy weights for home removals.

The market for cardboard boxes is huge in the India because they are used by domestic consumers and also by businesses. Carton manufacturers use a large die to cut out cardboard in different shapes. These die cut boxes are sold as pre-packed flat packs that consumers can easily fold into boxes and use according to their need. The die cut boxes are ideally used at homes as storage boxes that can easily be stored under the bed, or in the closet.

In the business market there is an enormous use of cardboard boxes. Companies use square boxes to store office documents and files. Pizza parlors deliver hot pizza to their customers in pizza boxes which are made from cardboard. Food caterers use catering packaging to supply orders at catering events. Movers use rectangular vertical or horizontal boxes for carrying heavy items to protect them from any damage for home removals.

Over the past recent years the number of online shoppers has tremendously increased in the India especially during the winter snow when shoppers have to buy Christmas presents online. Companies use postal boxes to deliver goods to customers in good condition since cardboard boxes provide protection and are easily available in any size for any type of order. Consumers who sell goods on auction sites like E-bay use cardboard boxes to safely deliver their auctioned-off items to buyers. There are several boxes & carton manufacturers in the India that are listed on SearchMe4, the India's leading online business directory

Friday, 14 June 2013

Wine is a statement for the elegance and sophisticated lot. So, it has to look elegant too. Looking pretty wont be enough. Everything today needs marketing. You need to combine it with logistics as well. Because of the weight, dimension and the fragility factor during transportation, the packaging has to be sturdy. Is it sounding a bit too complicated? Well! Nothing is impossible today. With the right kind of design software you can have your own design made in no time.

Starpack design contest winner

A student contest was held by Starpack design in 2012. They were suppose to design wine package with limited resources. Creativity was explored and the ‘Crest” won it. They came up with the best idea of blending conventional design with new ones.

An amount of mathematics goes behind wine packaging too. What Crest did was, keeping in mind the geometrical shape of the bottle, he edged the air volume between units while transportation.

A design should always look fresh. It you want your bottle to stand out from the rest, twist the size i.e. something other that the conventional rectangular shape, say triangle.

Wine lovers generally prefer the traditional type. But, it is in your hands how do you mingle with it, without loosing the basic essence of traditionalism while wine packaging. You can be liberal with the cork and add customs and culture to it that has been in active for centuries – A method Crest uses.

The best packaging design maximizes the printable area

The best and absolute part in creative wine packing will be to decide on the printing area. For instance, in case of the Crest any brand, triangular size comes with a great advantage. They can promote their brand name with graphics in any angle. They also consider integrating a few other ideas like changing the texture of the bottle with respect to the design giving it a prominent traditional form on the packaging while still hanging on to the modern shape. This design packaging added on to greater value in the corporate world.

Creative packaging meets cost efficiency

If you want yourself to be distinguish, in creative packaging you have to know how to spend wisely and can at times cost you a fortune. But if you are smart enough you can always cut down expenses. Inspiration can be taken from the Crest strategy. They create a structural design which adjusts itself to other products ion the market and thus save time and energy.

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Corrugated boxes are industrial prefabricated boxes which are used for packaging a variety of packaging goods and materials. Almost all types of these boxes are recyclable but boxes which are lamented, wax coated or made for wet strength are more difficult to recycle. Nowadays most of the people who are using this type of boxes instead of others and the top reasons behind it are:

• Durability: The first and foremost reason that these types of boxes are durable and strong. They are a very good option for transporting and shipping of fragile items as there is no chance of the items being damaged during the shipping procedure. These boxes are made from cardboard materials which offer structural rigidity with good cushioning ability. It allows them to be safe even for heavy and fragile goods. In addition they have good tear, tensile and burst strength that make them ideal for long journeys.

• Affordable: Another advantage of these boxes is that they are very inexpensive to implement. You can purchase them in bulk which is an added advantage. Moreover, they are available all around the year and they are always in plentiful supply and easy to find at practically any office store. Because of the reason that they can be recycled they don't come at high prices and are relatively cheaper than other kind of boxes available in the market.

• Lightness: They are very light in weight which makes them simple to carry, ship and transport. You need not to use much of your physical strength or any mechanical devices to carry them. It is considered as one of the importance reasons for choosing corrugated shipping boxes. Also, because of this very reason most of the people prefer them over other type of shipping boxes.

• Environment friendly: As stated earlier that these boxes can be recycled and are made from recycled paper so using them is safe for environment. Using them may also give your company 'green status' status. Also, the materials that are used for manufacturing these boxes are organic and no harmful chemicals are used in the process of making these packaging types. Because of this also these boxes are preferred over other boxes which are not recyclable.

• No sharp edges: One more big advantage of these boxes is that it doesn't have sharp edges which may harm your goods and items during the process of shipping are transporting. Moreover, these boxes can handle the pressure well and you can stack one against each other without being worried about the damage to the boxes.

• Adaptability: The adaptability of these corrugated boxes makes them easier and simpler to use. These boxes can be cut and folded into a wide range of shapes and sizes and can be made into look graphically appealing by using techniques like flexography, lithography etc.

• Easy to print labels: These boxes have smooth surfaces which makes it easier to print label stickers and stick it on them. Not only you will give the packaging company easy time with good labeling, but also it can be good branding for your packaging.
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Shipping boxes are used to protect goods when they are in transit of being moved and this can be used to store many sundry items. The manufacturers have become more environmentally conscious and have started making environment friendly boxes. These cardboard boxes have proved to be extremely useful for packing fresh vegetables and fruits. These boxes are designed to protect the goods effectively from mechanical shocks and jerks that are something which comes inevitably during their transportation. Such boxes are very different from the simple cardboard boxes.

The primary material that will be used for the manufacturing of such products is a special board called Corrugated Cardboard. These contain the special design which makes the box very different from the normal cardboard boxes. These contain an air column which makes the corrugated box more durable and adds strength to the box. Since these boxes are to be used to transport very heavy material and objects they require a form of cushioning on the sides to prevent any damage from transporting these objects. There is a unique mixture that is being used to make these custom corrugated boxes for shipping purposes. The mixture has an excess ingredient of adhesive and paper which is combined at very high temperatures to make the box. Further on there are air columns of two or three layers which are provided to these columns and this makes these boxes very sturdy. These are known by the name of liners or flute which is the main component of the box which makes the box gain strength and stiffness.

These corrugated boxes are what makes these shipping boxes and it is used to transport goods for the households and the industries for a plethora of reasons.

• The surface of the boxes can be easily painted. Thus these boxes can be used for branding and other marketing purposes as well. There are certain designs and logos that a company might want to be mentioned on the box and through flexography or lithography this is quite possible.

• These corrugated cardboard boxes can be easily cut and then folded according to your needs and thus can be effectively used to pack items of different sizes and shapes.

• These corrugated shipping boxes have a very high capacity of burst and tensile strength. Thus they are ideal for moving heavy articles over long journeys too.

• The variety that you can find in these boxes is a lot. These are available in flute size or board types, and then there is a special chemically treated box. There are some boxes that are made with a special coating which is good for control protection and also an effective flame retardant.

There are numerous types of corrugated shipping boxes that are available and these depend upon the stock of the vendor. There are some Industrial packing supplies which are offered to pack any type of packing material that you would want. These provide specializes sheets for special purposes.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Corrugated boxes are made of paper-based material consisting of fluted corrugated sheets and one or two flat linerboards. These corrugated boxes are designed to take the rigor associated with transportation and to withstand the wear and tear of shipping.

Corrugated boxes are four categories viz. custom, gift, moving, packing and storage boxes. Each has their own specific use and meets specific needs of the buyer. Considering the fact that trees are cut in the process of creating any paper, the eco-friendly buyer can look for recycled paper being used to construct the boxes selected.

Custom Box Buying

Custom corrugated boxes are to meet a specific need; maybe to hold and move a special object of interest. The buyer chooses the length, width and height; box ply value, the GSM, logo and the box color and the quantity. The boxes are made to order; can be ordered online.

Gift Box Buying

A gift box is required to precariously protect the gift being shipped. Gift boxes come in three standard types - small, medium and large. The decision is how many boxes of what size are required to hold the gifts. Small comes in standard dimensions (5"x5"x5", 4"x4"x4",6"x4"x4");Medium has standard dimensions (12"x6"x8", 12"x4"x7", 12"x3"x9")and Large standard dimensions (12"x6"x12", 18"x4"x12", 20"x4"x12").

Moving Box Buying

Moving is a big hassle; worrisome it is getting all the stuff at your home to your new home or to storage. Getting appropriate moving boxes ensures that the rigors of the transportation will not leave an indelible mark on your household stuff.

Moving boxes need to be comfortable to pack and accommodate all the kitchen utensils, bathroom toiletries, living room memorabilia, fragile electronics like televisions and your closet in entirety - clothes, shoes and children's toys.

When buying look for the appropriate size considering the space to be occupied in the chosen transportation. The dimensions really do not matter as long as all the boxes fit into the transport vehicle. Smaller sized boxes can be handled easier to load and unload.

Packing Box Buying

Packing boxes above all need strength and also need to be light enough not to add excess weight to the already heavy household stuff packed.

Packing boxes are same as moving boxes except that they need to be stronger even when heavier. When buying packing boxes, look for strength to withstand other boxes of similar size and weight being stacked up above them. The edges and sides need to be sturdier.

Storage Box Buying

Storage becomes an option when there is an unexpected move. These sudden moves require storage as a temporary safe house for your household / office stuff. These cardboard boxes are a cost-effective storage solution for magazines, periodicals, and letter-sized materials. The sturdy, corrugated construction withstands usage on a desk or shelf. Storage can be for the entire set of things in one's house. That requires very sturdy boxes which can withstand many boxes being stacked up on them.
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